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Benefits of an ongoing maintenance cleaning program for carpets

Most of the time cleaning is done when something becomes soiled. But this can be an inefficient use of time and money. An ongoing maintenance cleaning program can save money, because of the reduction of cleaning products and time spent cleaning.

Also the area cleaned looks clean at all times. Your clients will be impressed by your business. A dirty place is a turn off, and will lead people to believe that your services and goods are the same quality as your cleanliness. Employee moral can also be kept high and the employees are less likely to trash a clean place.

An ongoing cleaning program is a good example of how costs can be reduced. Many businesses only have their carpets cleaned once a year. This leads to the carpet deteriorating faster. The carpet looks soiled at times, especially right before the annual cleaning. Then the cleaning time and products are much more.

If carpets are cleaned only when they are soiled, then the cleaning is too late. There is damage already on the fibers due to the abrasive nature of soils that have accumulated on the carpet. The carpet develops these “traffic lanes” that cannot be cleaned. The only solution then is to replace the carpet which is expensive.

A commercial cleaning program serves to stop soil from penetrating deep into the fiber. It prevents faster wear and keeps a neat pristine appearance. The carpeting will last longer and require less frequent replacement.

So by combining the costs of maintenance with the cost of purchasing new carpet  the total life cycle can be calculated. By investing more on maintenance the whole life cycle cost can be reduced.

To summarize the benefits of an ongoing maintenance & carpet cleaning program are:

  • The color and texture of the carpet is maintained
  • Carpet life is extended
  • Maintenance costs are reduced and uniform through time
  • A consistent carpet appearance is maintained
  • Keeps a healthy working environment
  • Your business always looks its best!