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How do you know if your janitorial service is green?

You know that the cleaning practices used in your building have an impact on your health and building environment, assessing whether your cleaning contractor is using green methods. But how do you know if your cleaning company is green and using progressive cleaning practices? Are there any standards?

The answer is yes! The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) has made a rating system as part of their Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design program (LEED). The rating system is used for new and existing buildings. For existing buildings the rating system is LEED-EB (Existing Building).

In order for a building to get LEED certified one can get green points in a variety of categories including green cleaning. Hiring a Janitorial Services provider that follows USGBC cleaning standards will validate you that you are getting a genuine green cleaning program. It is easy to get green points with a green cleaning provider like CleanSolution Services and low cost too!

We can help you with LEED-EB green cleaning credits by providing:

  • Green site and Building Exterior Management – cleaning and maintenance of building exterior
  • Sustainable Cleaning Products and Materials – purchasing of only green cleaning materials, products, janitorial products, and trash bags
  • Green Cleaning of Entryways – reducing the amount of dirt, dust, pollen that enter the building
  • Isolation of Janitorial Closet – partitions, and controlling air circulation around cleaning storage and disposal stations
  • Green Cleaning Policy – explains the cleaning system,  green products used, green chemical formulas

Cleansolution Services uses only green products and methods. We follow LEED green cleaning standards with most of our clients. It does not matter if your building is using the LEED standards or not. We do this at no extra cost to you.

The green LEED cleaning standards is our standard – it’s how we clean, how we store and transport our materials, and how we dilute our green chemicals.  There are many ways a janitorial services company can help with the LEED process and CleanSolution Services continually updates how we provide cleaning services.
So if you are looking to adopt green cleaning policies it is important to work with a green cleaning provider that is knowledgeable in green standards (LEED-EB) such as us.

We will assess your current situation, perform a free simple audit, and develop a comprehensive plan that fits your budget needs. We will make sure that you are not paying just for acceptable appearances and minimal tenant complaints. In many cases, our clients find that green methods are more efficient and less expensive than the old way of doing things!