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Prepare for Winter Weather

We can’t predict what this winter will hold for you and your business—but we can help you prepare for winter weather so you can enjoy the season more and worry less about muddy shoes, slippery floors and cold and flu germs.

As a full-service commercial cleaning company, we can adjust your cleaning routine to help ward off the worst of winter. So, get ahead of the mess and keep your employees and customers safe by prepping your building for the long, wet months ahead. Here’s what to keep in mind:

  • Ensure safe entrances and exits to and from your building.
  • Protect your floors from long-term damage.
  • Minimize your cleaning needs.
  • Curb the spread of germs.

Cover entryways with high-quality mats

Adding durable, high-absorbency mats at every doorway is the most effective way to protect your building and everyone in it. They wick away moisture before it can damage your floors, and they help keep dirt and de-icing products from being tracked all over your building.

More importantly, they help prevent falls and injuries due to slippery floors.

Cleansolution can help you source high-quality floor mats at discounted, bulk-rate prices. We’ll make expert recommendations to help you get the right amount of floor coverage and deliver the mats directly to your business—all with minimal time and effort on your part.

Keep your floors clean and protected

Regular floor cleaning is another important way to prepare for winter weather because whether you have hard flooring or carpets, residue from ice melt products can wreak havoc on your floors. The salts in these products can leave hard-to remove residue on your floors, causing unsightly stains and expensive damage. It can also make your floors slippery, creating a fall hazard for employees and customers.

For carpets: Scheduling regular carpet cleanings in high-traffic areas throughout the winter months can help keep stains from becoming permanent. We offer a range of commercial carpet cleaning services, from restorative steam cleaning to dry foam cleaning, to help meet your building’s unique needs.

For hard floors: It takes more than a bucket and mop to protect your floors all winter long. Instead, we recommend machine scrubbing for hard floors to prevent the build-up of ice melt residue. Once your floors are clean, we can suggest a customized plan for waxing, sealing and refinishing to keep your floors protected and looking their best.

Minimize the spread of germs

With flu season upon us, consider taking a few extra measures to keep illnesses from spreading throughout your building. Electrostatic spraying of disinfectant can help by covering high-touch and hard-to-reach surfaces with an anti-microbial residue that kills viruses and can last for weeks at a time. We can also help you stock up on hand sanitizer and ensure you have the right cleaning supplies on hand to help everyone in your building stay healthy.

Make Cleansolution your winter cleaning partner

Schedule a consultation with us today to discuss your building’s winter cleaning needs.