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Portland Tennis & Education: Electrostatic Sprayer in Action

It was a significant weekend for Portland Tennis & Education. The courts at St. John’s Racquet Center were once again alive with tennis matches after a five-month closure due to COVID-19. For PT&E, re-opening means more than just full courts.

PT&E provides year-round after-school programs for underprivileged youth. Volunteers, coaches, and tutors work alongside K-12 students, helping them build skills needed to succeed in school and life. Public use of the courts is a critical revenue stream for the youth programs and five months without it has been challenging as the PT&E team has continued to provide support and resources for the students and families they serve.

We caught up with PT&E Director Jorge Fuenmayor to learn more about their re-opening process. Turns out our Electrostatic Sprayer Service has played a role. “We keep it clean—I’m in there [the courts] daily wiping things down—but we needed something more robust. The sprayer service helps everyone feel more secure.”

Portland Tennis & Education began using the Electrostatic Sprayer Service in June. They quickly decided it was worth treating the facility twice a month and, with re-opening, will move to weekly sprays. “It gives everyone—students, parents, volunteers, our Board—peace of mind to know that we’re taking all the steps to keep things clean.”

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