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Clean workspaces improve employee morale & build customer trust

Trustworthy cleaning expertise is more important than ever.

As we enter 2021, we’re finally beginning to see signs of progress against the COVID-19 pandemic. With positive news coming in regarding vaccine availability and effective treatments, we have every reason to feel some sense of hope and relief. For businesses, it’s time to double down on taking action that keeps people safe. In the process, there’s also an opportunity to improve employee morale.

Creating an atmosphere of safety boosts employee satisfaction.

You’ve undoubtedly made some huge changes to your business model in the past year, taking into account both the needs of your customers and the constantly evolving public health requirements in your area. But you may not realize how much your cleaning protocols can affect the mental and emotional health of your workforce.

A clean environment supports employee mental health & wellness.

Managers who proactively seek ways to make the workplace as safe as possible and communicate the company’s health and safety protocols to their employees on a regular basis will improve the overall morale and productivity of their staff.

Think of it this way: having a clear, CDC-approved plan for preventing Covid-19 and other illnesses in the workplace allows your employees to focus on their work and taking care of customers, rather than worrying about whether their workplace is a risk to their health.

Here are some simple steps you can take to keep your facility safe and create a positive, productive environment for your team.

Communicate clearly and frequently.

Transparent communication between management and staff will go a long way to improve employee morale. When the company’s health and safety plan is unclear or unevenly enforced, the possibility for misinformation and confusion arises. Employees need to feel valued and any fears they may have need to be addressed. Reassuring your staff that their work spaces are clean and that you’re taking every precaution to protect their health is essential.

Explain any updates or changes to existing safety protocols. If there’s anything we learned last year, it’s that we have so much to learn. So when public health mandates and recommendations require changes in procedure for your company, make sure that you communicate with your team and explain why things have changed.

Another step you can take to improve employee morale is to ask for employee feedback on the company’s existing health and safety protocols and respond to any problems or areas of concern that your staff has noticed.

Stay updated on the best disinfection and cleaning practices.

Compliance with best cleaning and disinfection practices is always critical, but the stakes go up dramatically during pandemic conditions. Cleansolution stays up-to-date on all sanitizing and disinfecting regulations from the CDC and OSHA. This takes a huge burden of responsibility off our clients, so they can focus on running their businesses and serving their customers

We created a free re-opening checklist for our clients to evaluate their health and safety protocols. This simple tool can help you keep your organization running smoothly and safely during the pandemic.

When employees feel valued & safe, your customers take note.

With anxiety running high during the pandemic, it’s essential to demonstrate that your company is going above and beyond to provide a clean, welcoming environment. If your employees feel comfortable and safe at work, your customers will notice the difference too.

Educate your employees on your company’s cleaning and disinfection procedure, so that they can answer any questions or concerns customers may have. Clearly posted signs and information regarding cleaning practices can also alleviate fears and communicate your organization’s concern for everyone’s health and safety.

Keep your employees happy & healthy in 2021 and beyond!

Cleansolution makes it easy with our 3D Sanitize System. We tailor our process to your company’s individual needs and your budget. We combine daily sanitizing of high-touch surfaces, deep cleaning and electrostatic disinfection methods to deliver the cleanest possible environment for each and every customer

Our 3D Sanitize System uses only EPA-approved disinfectants and follows CDC and OSHA requirements, giving all our corporate clients peace of mind. Schedule your consultation with us today!