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Outsourcing Janitorial vs Keeping In-House Cleaning Services

We often hear from clients or prospective clients that they’re curious about keeping or moving cleaning services in-house. We understand the allure. But we also know that decision comes with hidden challenges. So we wanted to dig into the cost/benefit of outsourcing janitorial vs in-house cleaning services.

The most common reason we hear is “I think we can save money by doing this in-house.” Yep, it might seem like that. But here’s a simple breakdown of how outsourcing janitorial vs. in-house cleaning might actually make more financial sense.

  1. Equipment. DYI mean you will have to purchase and maintain equipment plus make sure your staff is appropriately trained to use it.
  2. Cleaning supplies. You will have to purchase. A cleaning company can purchase on volume and has the expertise to choose the best.
  3. Refillable goods like toilet paper, paper towels and hand soap. Again a cleaning company will be able to get these cheaper in volume. A cleaning company can get green supplies as well.
  4. Labor costs. If you retain in house staff, you will have to concern yourself with payroll taxes, benefits, and vacation and sick days. A cleaning company, on the other hand, will manage cleaning staff for you and provide labor on time and as needed.
  5. Stress. You can’t put a price on the stress and worry of cleaning issues. And, our hunch is you need your employees capable of focusing on their other responsibilities.

Still not sure? Here’s five reasons why the stronger strategy is outsourcing janitorial vs in-house cleaning services.

  1. Cost effective. A cleaning company can do more in less time and they will be responsible for equipment and other consumables like paper towels and toilet paper.
  2. Responsive. A cleaning company will be there should any issues arise.
  3. Experience. The crew will have the know how and equipment. Expertise can be in industry specific like healthcare or in green cleaning.
  4. Transfer management of cleaning issues, so you don’t have to worry
  5. Transfer liability and insurance costs to your cleaning company.

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