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How to Get Quality Cleaning from Your Cleaning Company

When the cleaning job isn’t up to your standards, it’s usually a sign there’s a disconnect between your expectations and the cleaning crew’s understanding of what those expectations are. The fix is simple: Give them clear and specific feedback and see how they respond. Over 20+ years of experience, we’ve found that how to get quality cleaning usually comes down to three steps:

1. Show the cleaners specifically what needs to be done.

If your cleaning crew isn’t getting it right, the first step is to bring them in and walk them through your building. Point out problem areas and specify the standard of cleaning you expect. Helping them see what you see is the first step in how to get quality cleaning.

2. Review your annual maintenance plan.

Effective cleaning requires a combination of routine janitorial services and occasional deeper restorative cleaning. If certain areas never seem to look clean enough, it may be time to think about adding annual maintenance services such as carpet cleaning, window washing, or floor stripping and waxing. 

3. Communicate with your cleaners.

Whenever you spot a problem, however small, report it to your cleaning company immediately. Waiting to see how long it takes them to notice the popcorn kernel in the corner that the vacuum keeps missing won’t help anyone. Instead, remind them to make sure the corners are getting cleaned and then rate them on their ability to respond.

A surefire sign of a great commercial cleaning company isn’t that they always get it right the first time—it’s that they’re willing to keep improving until they do. 

At Cleansolution, we pride ourselves on being hyper-responsive to your feedback. Our online ticketing system makes it easy for you to let us know what we need to work on so we can respond swiftly and effectively to your concerns.