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Data Center Cleaning Services in Virginia and Oregon

For over 15 years, Cleansolution has provided data center cleaning services in Northern Virginia. The servers located at these data centers host sensitive data from some of the world’s major players in IT services like Netflix and Amazon Web Services (AWS), as well as the defense and aerospace industries. We understand the special requirements needed to clean a data center, and we have the experience to back it up.

Experience You Can Trust

Data centers require special considerations when it comes to cleaning. Contaminants, such as dust and other small particles can build up on sensitive equipment. This can lead overheating, corrosion, electrical or mechanical failure of disk drives, power supplies and circuitry, for instance. An outage can bring operations to a halt and cost businesses lost dollars and tarnished brand image. Maintaining a clean data center is critical for continued up-time and happy customers.

To prevent these contaminant related failures, we use specialized, environmentally friendly cleaning solutions as well as anti-static and static-dissipative chemicals. With these tools and a knowledgeable staff, we can remove even the smallest of micro-particles from your facility. Read about our longtime collaboration with Cloud HQ, a LEED Gold-certified data center based in Virginia.

Our Standards

Due to the sensitive nature of hardware and the information stored on them, it is important to have good security and a trustworthy cleaning team. We have experience cleaning in a mission critical data center environment, and we have never had a breech in security. Our strict requirements that go into making sure these places are kept in clean shape and secure, include:

  • Required & thorough employee background checks
  • Our staff is vetted and have the knowledge to work around sensitive wiring and machines.
  • State of the art cleaning equipment and supplies

In addition to the strong security measures, Data Centers also have industry specific cleaning needs.

  • Large or small-scale data centers
  • ISPs (internet service providers)
  • Server Rooms
  • Network Control Centers
  • UPS Rooms
  • Computer Rooms
  • Raised Floor Areas (Subfloors)
  • Any Critical Environment Technology Facility

Benefits of a Cleaning Partner

Facility Managers and owners are always looking to improve their facilities and business. Contact Cleansolution and let us help. Partnering with a specialized data center cleaning services provider has its advantages.

  • You will have an eco-clean and healthier data center
  • More efficient use of air intake and ventilation systems
  • Make a better impression on prospects, clients, management and visitors
  • Reduce downtime due to particle buildup on circuit boars, service and other sensitive electronics
  • Reduction in downtime due to static discharge onto sensitive equipment
  • Keep up with quality and industry standards for data centers.