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5 benefits of hiring a professional janitorial company

Why hire a janitorial company for your office cleaning? What are you paying for? What are the benefits of hiring professional office cleaning services? To help answer these questions, we’ve summarized the benefits of hiring a professional janitorial company that we’ve observed over the years.

5 benefits of hiring a professional janitorial company:

1. Health

Put simply, a clean office will keep your employees from getting sick. By hiring someone to clean your office regularly, you can help prevent the spread of germs and illnesses throughout your office. Above all, keeping the office environment as sanitary and germ-free as possible will help keep your team healthy, reduce the number of sick days and increase productivity.

2. Time

Your time is valuable and even small cleaning jobs can take a while. Hiring a professional janitorial company will save yourself and employees time, letting you concentrate on your business product or services. Also, you will not have to take any significant time from your employees, allowing them to work more efficiently on their projects.

3. Run a smoother operation

Asking employees to handle cleaning tasks can be tough. Many do not see it as part of their job, which can lead to discontent/dissatisfaction and even increased turnover. For example, the quality of cleaning an employee may do may not be up to standards or you may have to constantly remind them to get things done. Take this aggravation away by hiring a professional janitorial company. In the long run, keeping your staff focused on their area of expertise will make for a happier, more productive team!

4. Cost

Outsourcing your cleaning should be less costly, so it’s good to consider the many upfront and hidden costs. To help with this, we have a worksheet where you can calculate the numerous cost categories. In short, some of the many benefits of outsourcing your cleaning include not having to worry about employee administration, management of hiring and firing, employee benefits and training.

Another perk of outsourcing is not having to store and keep track of cleaning supplies and equipment. You simply pay the janitorial company and allow them to handle the rest for you, making it much more affordable in the long run. Working with a comprehensive commercial cleaning company is essentially one-stop shopping. Bundling your window cleaning, carpet cleaning, supplies and many other services together will get you a better deal.

5. Give a good first impression

Having a clean lobby, hallways and common areas will give potential clients and current customers confidence in your company. In addition, your employees will take pride in their workplace and will be less likely to leave common areas dirty!

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