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Cleansolution Service Requests with OrangeQC

At Cleansolution, we use the OrangeQC janitorial app to manage and resolve service requests. You might be hesitant to integrate a new tool into your workflow, but Orange QC is surprisingly easy to use. Here are some of the many benefits we’ve found using the OrangeQC app!


  • Every Cleansolution team member is able to see your service requests using OrangeQC. This keeps us up to speed on what’s happening in your building and what we need to improve. As a result, you’ll enjoy faster and more personalized service.
  • Orange QC reduces the possibility of lost or miscommunicated messages. Unlike phone calls or emails, your Orange QC request is visible to everyone in the chain of command. This ensures that your request lands in front of the person best equipped to help.

Easy to Use

  • You can install the Orange QC app on your desktop PC, tablet or phone. As a result, you get access to Cleansolution from anywhere, at any time.
  • You only have to log in to the app once to create a ticket.  After that, you can access responses and updates from your email.


  • Your service requests will be documented and accessible. You can search past messages for reference at any time.
  • We log our follow-up actions and notify you when we’ve resolved the issue.
  • You’ll get reports showing Cleansolution’s performace and effectiveness in resolving service requests.

Types Of Requests

You can use Orange QC for many different types of requests including:

  • Complaints or concerns
  • Comments
  • Additional services
  • Billing questions

Cleansolution makes submitting service requests simple with OrangeQC

Orange QC is a seamless, integrated communication tool that keeps us in touch with our customers. We love that it gives us another way to provide excellent service. Questions about getting started with Orange QC? Contact us today!