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Benefits of Using Cleansolution Communication Software

At Cleansolution, we use OrangeQC as a communication tool between us and our clients. While clients are sometimes hesitant integrate new software into their workflow, it’s not complex and surprisingly easy to use. Here are some of the many benefits we’ve found using OrangeQC!


  • When a ticket is issued using the communication software it goes to everyone in the company. While the president isn’t directly replying, he is making sure the operation’s manager addresses the issue in a timely manner. There is a clear system of things being visibly checked off.
  • If you bypass the OrangeQC with an email or phone call, you are only communicating with that one person. With the software everyone in the chain of command is kept in the loop.  This also ensures that the most knowledgeable person responds to your request.

Simple to Use

  • The app can be installed on desktop pc,  tablets,  and iphone or android smart phones. Allowing you to access it from anywhere at any time.
  • All responsible personnel are instantly notified and management is informed.
  • You only have to log in once to create a ticket.  After that you can use your email only if you want to respond to issues.


  • You can monitor our promises set in our proposal pertaining to response times.
  • Everything that happens is documented and easily accessible, giving you a complete audit trail for future reference.
  • Our follow up action is logged and you are notified when the issue has been resolved.
  • You can see reports of our performance and effectiveness of our service.

Types of Tickets

  • Complaints
  • Special Requests
  • Comments
  • Additional Services
  • Billing Questions