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Why Electrostatic Sprayers?

Why are Electrostatic Sprayers so effective in sanitizing a building?

It can be disheartening scrubbing and wiping consistently and still wondering if you’re really getting your workstations, floors and bathroom hygienic and clean. Make no mistake though, there is proof that disinfecting your work-space is necessary for fighting flu and coronavirus.

In the workplace, having your office deep cleaned and sanitized with electrostatic sprayer services can save you a lot of anxiety because you know that your sanitizing is done thoroughly and more efficiently.

Ordinary cleaning only cleans so much

After a time, your regular cleaning, vacuuming, and wiping is no longer enough – your office needs a deeper clean. Germs, dust and dirt penetrate deep into carpets and upholstery and with all the goodwill in the world your regular cleaning can’t reach all these areas. This is when electrostatic sprayer services become nothing short of imperative.

Electrostatic sprayer services – kills germs, viruses and bacteria

With electrostatic spraying, every nook and cranny can be reached. A coating of disinfectant from an electric charge covers every square inch of a surface. This deep-cleaning method is massively advantageous as a sanitizing process.

Electrostatic spraying is particularly valuable towards heeding the COVID-19 prevention guide, as lives depend on this detailed cleaning.

The coronavirus is spread through respiratory droplets from person to person. Evidence suggests that transmission can occur by touching infected surfaces such as bed rails as well as other plastic or steel where the virus thrives. The CDC has found live COVID-19 traces on surfaces 17 days old.

The corona pandemic has dramatically impacted life in the office, hotel, restaurant, clinic, hospital, schools, kitchens and other commercial spaces, and this deep cleaning is going to be an important and ongoing part of conducting business now and in the near future.

All sprayed surfaces are coated with disinfectant

The basic idea with this electrostatic spraying is to apply a positive charge to the liquid being applied and to negatively charge the surface being coated. The electrostatic sprayer disperses fine, atomized particles into the air so as to coat surfaces.

The liquid is attracted to the surface of desks, boardroom tables, chairs, toilets, wash-hand basins – allowing for a full coat of liquid onto the surface – an idea combined with the process of atomization. Electrostatic spraying involves liquid particles actually being guided to an oppositely charged target. Because electrostatic spraying is a method of applying disinfectant, and not essentially a method for actually removing dirt and stains from various surfaces, any surfaces that are soiled are first wiped clean.

This kind of spraying has many more advantages over your traditional sprayers. Perhaps the main benefits of electrostatic spray sanitizing include among others –

  • ◼ Time-saving

    You can clean every day, all day and still you won’t be able to penetrate those ‘out-of-reach’ areas. With electrostatic spraying, you reduce the time it takes to actually spread and cover as well as disinfect all surfaces, nooks and crannies.

  • ◼ Efficiency

    Chemicals are applied in a much more controlled, efficient and orderly manner.

  • ◼ Saves costs in the long run

    It improves infection control and the spread of viruses. Taking efficient steps towards deep cleaning can offer long term benefits with a cleaner environment such as cutting out costly medical expenses for treating contagious infections.

Hospital Grade Disinfectants

The electrostatic charge gives a more even coat of disinfectants that can reach all those hard-to-reach areas, adhering to all those areas that traditional cleaning never reaches. A critical aspect with this deep cleaning method is that with electrostatic spraying you get this all-important disinfecting.

Just like we’re told to wash our hands for at least 20 seconds, this disinfecting spray needs to cover and disinfect surfaces for 5 minutes or so, depending on the type of hospital grade disinfectant. Not only all those high-touch areas are reached, but every area that you normally can’t reach with traditional cleaning methods.

Electrostatic spraying eliminates the worry of not getting potential contaminated surfaces. With electrostatic spraying you can be sure to have every ‘unreachable’ spot fully disinfected. For offices, medical clinics, schools and kitchens, this type of cleaning is imperative for controlling infections, and killing bacteria and mold.

Continue with your regular cleaning

Electrostatic spraying is by no means a replacement for your regular cleaning methods at your workplace. You still have to be 100% vigilant with wiping surfaces and keeping your premises sanitized.

Electrostatic spraying is an ‘add-on’ to your cleaning, albeit it a lot stronger and more efficient means to cleaning. It is becoming a must-have method in all areas of business to kill off the many sickness-causing germs that are invading our space in the 21st century.

Deep Cleaning offers you some control over viruses

Always research reputable janitorial and commercial cleaning companies thoroughly. You want a professional Portland cleaning company who uses equipment and machines that flush dirt and germs right out of the deepest parts of your office, sanitizing while not being harmful to anyone or anything.

If you’d like to know more about our Eco-Sanitizing Program in the Portland area, call us on 503-432-8302 and find out how we can protect your workplace.