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Our Story

We’re a family business, built from hard work and big dreams.

We’re living proof of the American Dream—a multi-generation family-owned business built out of nothing.
In 1981, the civil war in El Salvador was raging, and our lives were upended. We fled to the United States and were welcomed as political refugees, even though we had little to offer but a willingness to work hard.

Boris B. Barrios soon realized that he wouldn’t be able to continue the professional career he had in El Salvador. Instead, he took a job as an entry-level cleaner to provide for the family. Life was difficult, but Boris was determined to create a bright future. 

In 2001, Boris co-founded Cleansolution with his wife, Marta. They started with $1,000 and a network of trusting relationships throughout Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C.—with clients, but also with other cleaning professionals who knew they could count on Boris and Marta to treat them with respect and dignity. 

We expanded to the West Coast in 2010, guided by the goals Boris and Marta laid out—be the best comprehensive commercial cleaning company in our market, ensure 100% satisfaction for our clients, and—our favorite—help other businesses achieve the success we have. Learn more about Our Model and Meet Our Team.

Our promises to you.

Contact us 24/7, and hear back in two hours or less. Our cloud-based communication software makes it easy to check up on us. You’ll be amazed at our response times.
When there’s a problem, we send someone out immediately. In fact, we’ll address every concern within one workday or knock a day’s worth of cleaning off your bill.
Quit juggling multiple vendor contracts, and take care of all your office and commercial cleaning service needs with one phone call. Be sure to ask about our discounted monthly subscription plans.

The Cleansolution Advantage.
Experience the difference.

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