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Use touch-free lighting systems for a cleaner office

Light your way to a cleaner workspace

The new year is more than just a change on the calendar. It’s a symbol of hope for a brighter future. If you’ve got a remodel or expansion on the near horizon, your future is looking brighter already—especially if you incorporate touch-free lighting systems that support a cleaner, healthier space.

Effective lighting design can have a big impact on your space. It improves productivity, adds aesthetic appeal, and also helps minimize the transmission of germs making your environment easier to clean.

When choosing a lighting plan for your remodel, it’s important to keep long-term maintenance needs in mind. Some systems require little more than lightbulb changes. Others are more involved. And don’t forget to consider cleaning ramifications, such as how the lighting you choose can contribute to a cleaner environment.

Touch-free lighting systems

In a post-COVID world, we’ve become far more aware of the high-touch surfaces we encounter on a daily bases. Light switches are one of the dirtiest surfaces in homes and offices, especially in bathrooms—they are frequently touched and they emit warmth that breeds bacteria.

Touch-free lighting systems avoid this problem by eliminating the need for light switches altogether. Since the pandemic, these systems have become more advanced, affordable and widely used, with several different options available for including touch-free lighting in your space.

  • Motion sensor: Motion sensor lights not only activate without the need for a switch, but they save both money and energy by automatically shutting off lights in areas of the building that aren’t being used. Motion sensor lighting in bathrooms can be especially helpful for keeping your space and people healthier.
  • Thermal sensor: Instead of motion, thermal sensors use temperature to detect the presence or absence of people in your space. They can save you energy by controlling both lighting and HVAC.
  • Phone control: If you want the people using your space to have more direct control, consider investing in an app that allows them to adjust the lighting from their phone or other mobile device.

Smart lighting for more efficient cleaning

Touch-free lighting is a great first step toward making your environment cleaner and safer. But if you want to take it even farther, consider investing in a smart lighting system that controls illumination levels and collects data to help make your cleaning plan more efficient.

For example, a sensory system connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) can identify and track where people have been in your building throughout the day, allowing your cleaning team to focus their efforts on the areas that need it most. Sensor systems can also allow you to analyze traffic patterns to pinpoint high-traffic and densely populated areas that may need more frequent cleaning.

Need advice on choosing a touch-free lighting system?

If you want to design a lighting scheme for maximum efficiency and cleanliness, our team is here to help! We can advise you on what cleaning considerations to keep in mind when selecting lighting options and help you develop a professional cleaning plan that fits both your needs and your budget. Schedule a consultation today!