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Which Type of Carpet Cleaning is Right for your Business?

On average, each person who walks through your business’ doors brings in about 0.02 ounces of dirt. While this might not seem like much, this amount equals 1 ounce of dirt per day for every 50 people. That’s 16 pounds of dirt per year. That’s why it’s important to understand what type of carpet cleaning is right for your building.

While daily vacuuming is beneficial, professional carpet cleaning is best for eliminating the dirt, dust, and other contaminants that the fibers trap. Also the go-to carpet-shampoo-water-special-vacuum is only one type of carpet cleaning and might not be the best solution. Depending on the type of carpeting in the building and your needs this method might damage your carpet, promote mold growth or reduce workplace productivity.

By knowing what type of carpet cleaning professional cleaners can offer, you can determine which is best for your needs.

Professional Carpet Cleaning for Portland Businesses

Restorative Cleaning

Restorative cleaning is a deep cleaning method that uses steam, otherwise known as hot water extraction. It is best for carpets that look dirty or have an overall poor appearance. This method is highly effective for extracting soil and contaminants embedded deep within carpet fibers.

During the restorative cleaning process, professional carpet cleaners vacuum the area thoroughly and apply a pre-conditioner. After the pre-conditioner penetrates the carpet fibers, specialists agitate the carpet pile to loosen the soil further. They then use special equipment that injects a concentrated detergent mixed with water into the carpet, and remove the dirty water using a powerful vacuum. The carpet might need several passes, depending on its condition.

After the cleaning process, the carpet must dry for 6 to 12 hours. The professionals may use fans or climate control equipment to speed up the drying process.


  • Restorative, or steam cleaning, removes up to 99 percent of allergens embedded in carpet fibers.
  • It is great for improving the look of carpets.
  • The method is safe for most types of carpets when a professional carpet cleaner does the work.
  • The cleaning method is performed best when a business can spare the downtime to allow the carpet to dry fully.

Bonnet Cleaning

Bonnet cleaning is a type of carpet cleaning that uses a limited amount of moisture. It involves the use of a rotary shampoo machine, detergent, and pads. This method is good when you want to perk up the look of your building’s carpeting quickly.

Like with restorative cleaning, bonnet cleaning begins with vacuuming the carpet and applying a pre-conditioner that penetrates the fibers. A specialist then applies a fast-drying detergent to the respective area and attaches a moistened pad to the bottom of a rotary shampoo machine. As the machine runs, the pad absorbs and lifts the soil from the carpet. The professional replaces the pad as necessary.

After the carpet dries, the professional may vacuum it again to remove any remaining soil.


  • Bonnet cleaning is cost-effective and good for maintaining a carpet’s appearance.
  • This method of professional carpet cleaning dries much faster than restorative cleaning techniques.
  • Bonnet cleaning is best for loop pile commercial carpeting.

Dry Foam Cleaning

Dry foam carpet cleaning is a low-moisture cleaning method that has fast drying times. It is similar to traditional carpet shampooing methods in that rotating brushes agitate carpeting pile. An aerator in the equipment turns the cleansing solution into foam, which the machine dispenses into the rotating brushes that touch the carpet.

Dry foam carpet cleaning begins with vacuuming and treating a carpet with a pre-conditioner. After a professional mixes the cleaning chemicals, the machine turns it into foam. The specialist pushes the carpet-cleaning machine over the carpeting slowly to dispense the foam, working in 20-foot passes. The foam encapsulates the dirt, leaving the soil suspended in crystals. Once the foam dries, a specialist vacuums the area, leaving the carpet cleaner and fresher.


  • Dry foam cleaning is among the fastest deep cleaning methods for carpets.
  • The technique’s low moisture content eliminates the need to wait for a carpet to dry, minimizing downtime.
  • This method is effective at removing allergens from carpets.

Leave the deep cleaning to the pros. When it comes to commercial carpet cleaning, Portland businesses continually trust us to leave their carpets clean and healthy. Whether you need ongoing services or a single restorative cleaning, our professionals are always here to give you red carpet treatment at competitive rates. In addition, we always use non-toxic, eco-friendly cleansers that promote a healthy indoor environment. Contact us today to learn more.