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Streem: Cleansolution’s Secret to Better Customer Service

Quick and easy customer support—no matter where you are.

We don’t make customers wait for answers

We’re always looking for ways to provide better customer service. Our latest approach is a simple, but powerful combination: Streem and Cleansolution. Streem is a secure, video chat service that utilizes AR (augmented reality) technology to deliver highly accurate info and details about your space, which means you’ll get quick, accurate answers from us.

Let’s walk through a typical customer support scenario.

You have a question about your service. You call the support line. You wait … and wait … and wait for the next available representative. You’re finally connected! You start trying to describe your situation. The rep tries to be helpful and takes some notes. They say they’ll send someone out, but now you need to schedule an appointment.

The only available day is next Tuesday and the narrowest time window they offer is 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Hopefully you can work around their schedule!

So, what has really changed here?

You still need help. You have to wait until next week to get some help AND once the service rep finally arrives, you’re going to have to explain the whole thing all over again!

It’s not exactly ideal is it? But this is a pretty standard experience and one we’re all familiar with.

What if you didn’t have to wait for us to come to you?

Compare the example above to a typical Cleansolution customer support call via Streem.

  • You receive a link via text message that starts your StreemCore™ video chat – no app download required.
  • Streem will connect you directly to a Cleansolution rep. The secure, high-quality video connection will allow us to clearly see what you need and how we can help.
  • During your call, we’ll be able to ask questions, make notes, take any necessary measurements and capture StreemShot™ photos of the area.
  • We will attach all the information and images to your account, which will be handed off to the appropriate team member. You’ll often receive a quote the same day!

Bottom line: we are able to be there with you, without ever setting foot in your building! Streem allows you to show us exactly what needs to be done and helps us gather all the info we need, which means you get an accurate quote as quickly as possible.

Who is Streem for?

Everyone! All our customers can benefit from this service. We’re using Streem to conduct virtual site visits for new customers and to accurately quote additional cleaning services for established accounts. We find that Streem helps us eliminate communication errors and resolve issues as quickly as possible. It’s especially helpful for clients with multiple facilities and busy schedules. Wherever you happen to be today, Streem allows us to be there with you.

Streem and Cleansolution: supporting safety and social distancing concerns

The ongoing pandemic has made tools like Streem even more valuable. We’ve been able to quickly and safely conduct site visits, collecting all the data, images and information we need, without ever setting foot in the building. Our customers love the convenience of this virtual visit option and we love that Streem makes it easy for us to deliver fast, accurate information and estimates.

Need someone to take a look?

We’re here for you. Contact us today and let us know what we can do to help!