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Save Money: Choose a Green Cleaning Company

When companies are looking to help save the environment while being as financially responsible as possible, they will likely want to begin by choosing a reputable janitorial green cleaning company. Cleaning agencies that are dedicated to using green products, in fact, will usually not cost more. Here’s a few reasons why.

A green cleaning company uses concentrated green cleaners

Green cleaning products are less expensive than traditional cleaning products for one primary reason. Because they are more concentrated, they will last much longer than diluted cleaners that were sold in years gone by. Also the use of dilution control dispensers has eliminated the need to measure the correct amount of water to chemical ratio. While the initial price may be slightly higher, the cleaning solution itself will last twice as long. This means that green janitorial companies will ultimately save quite a bit of money on their supplies. The monetary savings will be passed on to the client.

A green cleaning company deals with less frequent custodial Injuries

Custodian services that use green solutions will also be cheaper in one other way. Companies will be able to avoid creating work spaces that are invaded by harsh chemicals. Thus, employees will be less likely to come down with allergy attacks, asthma problems and other issues that are related to the respiratory system. Custodial workers are also less likely to sustain chemical burns, which will save the commercial cleaning company money going forward. Whenever companies can save cash, clients can expect to reap the benefits. Traditional companies that continue to use old-style cleaning techniques will generally have stiffer client prices.

A green cleaning company help improve air and water quality

The benefits that come with green cleaning techniques are truly phenomenal. While the financial savings will, of course, be one of the most important, businesses can expect a wide range of perks. Improved air and water quality, for example, will promote optimal health. The surrounding environment will also be protected. Many green products, in fact, use packaging materials that can be easily recycled. In addition, employees will remain healthier and will take fewer sick days. Businesses will also be able to avoid antibacterial soaps, which have recently been found to be less effective than originally thought.

And the benefits extend well beyond cost savings.

Benefits for Schools and Educational Institutions

Schools have begun to see the benefits of hiring a green cleaning company for job tasks. Various studies have indicated that glass cleaners, floor cleaners and bathroom cleaners can all be more cheaply manufactured and distributed when they are centered around green ingredients. In some cases, green cleaning products are more versatile than their traditional counterparts. One particular Green Seal-certified product, for example, can be used to clean every nook and cranny of the building. When used in dormitories, corporate buildings and large schools, more than $200,000 can be saved. Negotiated procurement contracts can usually be drawn up between the commercial cleaner and the client. This will lock in the reduced rates for the duration of the contract and will ensure that both parties continue to remain happy with the agreement.

A Nod to Faithful Planet Earth

Individuals who hire a green janitorial service company will also be on the front lines in the fight to save the Earth. Cleaner air and water will generally mean healthier ecosystems. Vigorous ecosystems will help with the fight to save endangered species. In the end, businesses will show themselves to be forward-thinking citizens of the world.

Custodian services that are dedicated to using green products will surely save their clients’ money in the long run. Clients will be able to enjoy a wonderfully clean work environment while also ensuring that they are getting the best possible deal. Free of harsh chemicals and steep monthly bills, the company should continue to flourish going forward.