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How Often Should You Clean?

Optimize your cleaning schedule and save money

Do you really need all the cleaning services that you’re paying for? We work with each client to determine the correct schedule for their facility and help them save money on office cleaning. We start with these questions: 

  • Which areas are customer-facing? What does the public notice first?
  • What standard of cleaning and disinfection is expected for your industry and facility?
  • What is the square footage and occupancy of the building?
  • What is the primary function of each space?
  • What types of flooring are present in the building?
  • How has the building changed over the years? What renovations have occurred?

Analyze daily traffic through your building

Different areas of your facility see different levels of traffic and use throughout the day. Restrooms and entryways need more attention than a rarely used conference room. 

Knowing what to prioritize is the key to reducing your cleaning costs.

Focus your cleaning dollars on the areas that matter most. Customers will notice smudged front windows and a dirty floor in the lobby. They won’t notice that you cleaned the baseboards in the breakroom. Detail work is important, but doing it too often wastes time and money.

Make cleaning a team effort

We don’t recommend that you ask your employees to do cleaning that interferes with their productivity or taking care of customers. But asking employees to help with some simple, daily tasks will help reduce the amount of time a professional cleaning company needs to spend in your building. Getting your team involved in caring for shared spaces contributes to a positive company culture and fosters respect between employees and the janitorial staff.

Here are some examples of tasks that your staff might be able to tackle:

  • Emptying trash and recycling bins
  • Dusting and cleaning workspaces
  • Washing dishes in the break room
  • Cleaning whiteboards

Don’t pay for what you don’t need

Do you need wall-to-wall vacuuming every day? Is the carpet even really dirty? 

What about the wastebasket with one crumpled sticky note in it … are you really paying to have that emptied? 

Our customers benefit from our holistic, partnership approach to comprehensive commercial cleaning. We don’t just show up at night to clean and leave! Instead, we take the time to ask questions, brainstorm solutions with each client and develop a plan that takes into consideration all the unique details about your business. In the process, we can likely help you save money on office cleaning. Contact us today to learn more.

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