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How often should you clean your office windows?

Here’s our professional opinion … cleaning office windows is an underrated service. It’s an easy one to overlook because dirty windows just aren’t as obvious as the giant coffee stain on your carpet. The dust, pollen, mineral buildup, fingerprints and smudges tend to accumulate slowly over a long period of time until you look up one day and think, “Why is it so dark and gloomy in here?” Answer: your windows need some TLC! But determining how often to clean your office or commercial building windows can be a little tricky. Here are some pointers to help you sort it out.

How often should I clean exterior windows?

Answer: at least once per year. Twice per year is even better and we recommend that you schedule this service more frequently under certain conditions. For example, you may want to add extra window cleanings if you’re located in one of these areas:

  • Locations that experience a lot of rainy weather, blowing dust or airborne pollens
  • High traffic zones, like busy streets & highways (due to extra dirt & exhaust buildup) 
  • In or near an active construction site 

Remember: beyond appearance issues, pollen, dirt, mineral leaching and other pollutants can etch into your exterior glass and cause permanent damage. Regularly scheduled window cleanings will preserve your windows and extend their lifespan! 

How often should I clean interior windows? 

Answer: about once per year. But that timing can be stretched depending on your indoor air quality and other factors. Less dust in the air means less grimy buildup on your window panes. However, certain types of interior windows need to be prioritized and cleaned more frequently. For example: 

  • Pet-friendly offices: keep an eye on your ground-level windows. Dogs love to see what’s going on outside and tend to leave slobbery smudges and muddy paw prints on low-level windows. 
  • Buildings with older HVAC systems/elevated pollution: less-efficient HVAC systems tend to produce more dust that will settle on window panes. In high-traffic areas, outdoor air pollution will enter your building and accumulate on your windows.
  • Storefronts: if you’re utilizing a street-facing window for merchandising and displaying your product, make sure to schedule frequent cleanings. 
  • Lobbies & waiting rooms: keeping those front-facing windows sparkling clean gives the right first impression to guests. 
  • Schools or other child-care facilities: parents and teachers are especially sensitive to cleanliness, so keep your windows free from fingerprints and smudges from little hands. 

The key to choosing the right schedule is understanding the specific needs of your building. Make sure you clearly communicate details about your building’s use and occupancy when you’re getting a quote for window cleaning services

Natural lighting improves worker satisfaction

Need another reason to clean your office windows? One survey of 1,614 workers in North America found that natural lighting and views of the outdoors were the top workplace priority. Looking for an easy way to improve employee morale and create a positive work environment? Keeping your windows clean and maximizing natural light is a great place to start.

Get started on a window cleaning schedule today! 

At Cleansolution, we believe in thinking holistically about your cleaning plan. Rather than seeing your cleaning services as separate parts, we’re looking at the big picture. How does each service contribute to your business operations and keep your employees safe and healthy? What services can we add or subtract to solve a specific concern or save a customer money? 

We put your business and your experience first. Schedule a virtual consultation with us today and tell us how we can improve your cleaning plan!