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What to know before hiring a cleaning company

The average commercial cleaning company will ask you about a space’s size when you want a quote. The best cleaning companies take into consideration square footage, workplace density, and your industry type to provide you with the most accurate estimate possible. Before hiring a cleaning company, gather some information so you will enable you to communicate your cleaning and maintenance needs clearly. It will also set your organization and the cleaning company up for the greatest success at the lowest costs.

What to Know about Your Organization when Hiring a Cleaning Company

Workplace Density

Workplace density refers to the number of employees working in a given space. Today’s efficient, open-offices tend to have higher-density floor plans. In 2010, for example, the average office employee had a 225-square-foot space in which to work. After 2017, experts expect this space to shrink down to 100 square feet of space per worker—a 33 percent drop. Similarly, shared workspaces increase the number of employees in a space by 15 percent or more.

These figures matter to a commercial cleaning company because more workers equal more trashcans to empty, more trash liners to replace, and a greater cleaning frequency. On average, it takes a professional 30 seconds to empty a trashcan and replace the liner. In a 25,000-square-foot building, it could take up to 71 worker-hours per year just to empty the trash.

Being aware of your office’s workplace density gives you the opportunity to create a realistic budget for your commercial cleaning needs. In an effort to save money, some offices increase their workplace density and reduce cleaning frequencies. But often this technique backfires. A lack of cleaning actually reduces workplace productivity because employees call out sick more often. In reality, high-density workspaces require high-density cleaning. A good commercial cleaning company will help you determine a cost-effective cleaning frequency that also promotes a healthy environment.

Industry Type

Not all industries have the same cleaning needs or standards. Medical buildings, restaurants and food processing facilities, for example, need cleaning services that are more frequent and detailed. The more complex your industry, the more important it is to be clear on the standards before hiring a cleaning company.

Employee Habits

Factors such as employees eating lunch at their desks instead of a cafeteria or employees working long hours affect cleaning times. Other cleaning-related considerations include what employees throw away (e.g., cups half-full of coffee), the amount of stress employees experience (more stress could lead to more eating, which leads to more trash), and the workplace environment.

Types of Office Spaces

Collaborative work designs have led to new office layouts that include several types of spaces. These spaces include conference rooms of varying sizes, videoconference rooms, project spaces, cafes, huddle rooms, outdoor spaces, gyms, kitchenettes, libraries and game rooms.

A building or space’s configuration also matters. If your office is on the fifth floor, it may take a cleaner at least 5 minutes per trip to take bags of trash to outside receptacles if the building doesn’t have trash chutes.

Green Spaces

If you have a green building or are working toward LEED certification, the techniques and products that a commercial cleaning company uses matter. To maintain your green status, hiring a cleaning company that only uses eco-friendly cleaning products and techniques is important. Learn more. Today’s non-toxic environmentally-friendly cleansers and detergents are just as effective as their non-green counterparts, promote a healthy indoor environment, and save energy.

Provide commercial cleaning companies with as much information as possible regarding: workplace density, building configuration, industry and expectations. Doing so will allow your business to obtain a more accurate quote, as well as experience the greatest efficiencies and cost savings. Contact us today and let us know how we can make your business look great.