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Cleaning tips for office kitchens and breakrooms

Keep these shared spaces clean for a healthier office

Could your kitchen or breakroom use a little TLC? Because these areas aren’t public-facing, it’s easy to put off cleaning them. But clean, welcoming breakrooms contribute to employee satisfaction and play a key role in stopping the spread of productivity-killing illnesses. Here are some pointers for cleaning office kitchens and breakrooms!

Focus cleaning on high-touch surfaces

What’s a high-touch surface? Think door knobs, microwave touchpads and fridge handles. And don’t forget the coffee pot, vending machine or water dispenser!

Encourage employees to wash their hands before and after using the breakroom. Posting signs in highly visible locations can help with this. You can also set up a simple hand sanitizer station.

As we move into cold and flu season, take a minute to review your cleaning plan and make sure to disinfect high-touch surfaces on a daily basis. If your facility is small and doesn’t get professionally cleaned every day, consider stocking food-safe disinfecting wipes or spray in the breakroom for quick wipedowns in between scheduled cleanings.

Need help finding food-safe cleaning supplies? We can help!

Create a kitchen clean-up kit

Small things add up quickly! A few crumbs or a little spill might not seem like a big deal. But every extra minute that professional cleaners spend in your building adds labor charges to your bill. To avoid rising costs, keep some basic supplies on hand for quick touch-ups. Here’s what your kit should contain:

  • Food-safe cleaning spray/disinfecting wipes
  • Paper towels or microfiber cleaning cloths
  • Small broom & dustpan
  • Hand vacuum

Keep food in the breakroom (not at desks)

When employees eat at their desks, food scraps, takeout boxes, used plates, napkins, etc. end up in cubicle trash cans. Why is that a problem? Food left sitting in trash cans tends to attract pests like ants or mice. Keeping food limited to the breakroom means that desk trash cans don’t need to be emptied every day. And in the long run, that can make a significant difference in your cleaning bill.

Schedule a refrigerator clean-out day once a month

We’ve all worked in offices where the fridge contents were … questionable. They tend to collect forgotten leftovers, expired coffee creamers and condiments from 5 years ago – plus all kinds of sticky spills and leaks. It all adds up to a significant cleaning project that can be overwhelming.

The solution? Talk to your janitorial staff about scheduling a monthly fridge clean-out day. Then, start getting your employees on board. Send an office-wide email announcing the scheduled date and time. Post a sign on the office fridge as a reminder. This will eliminate confusion and give everyone a chance to remove any items they want to save.

Every room in your building deserves top-notch care

Are you looking for a professional cleaning company that takes a comprehensive, holistic approach? We offer customized cleaning plans that are uniquely tailored to each customer’s needs. Schedule a call with us today to get started!