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Clean, Healthy Schools: We all can play a part

It is the beginning of another school year and it’s a good time to think through how to maintain clean, healthy schools. At any one time there are 55 million students and 7 million staff going to school. So, clean, healthy schools reduces the risk of spreading diseases and illness in 1/5 of the population.

In order to tackle such a large challenge, implement proper and kid-friendly procedures throughout a school’s spaces. Pay special attention to restrooms and classrooms.


  • Use kid-friendly soap dispensers—easy to reach and operate.
  • Provide hand sanitizers when soap is not available.
  • Make sure critical areas such toilet levers, stall locks, and push plates are frequently wiped down.
  • To limit the spread of viruses, use an effective green sanitizer and micro fiber towel.


  • Make sure all tables and chairs are frequently wiped down.
  • Encourage teachers to keep their desks free of clutter so cleaners can easily wipe down the desk surface.
  • Often the most dirtiest desk is the teachers.
  • Frequently wipe down keyboards, pencil sharpeners, water fountains and door knobs.

Another way to maintain clean, healthy schools is by using green cleaners.

Often making the switch to green cleaners is cost neutral and can even save money! They are also healthy, because non-toxic, plant based ingredients contain far fewer chemicals related to health risks like asthma, cancer and the common cold. Learn how one of our clients used green cleaning methods to take care of their students, and the recognition they received.

Non-toxic cleaning products are safer and healthier for students and teachers, and the janitors who use them. Conventional cleaners often contain harsh carcinogens, phthalates, and VOCs which disrupt the endocrine system and cause breathing problems in kids and adults.

We all can play a part.

We can also keep schools clean through education and team effort.

  • Teach students to clean up after themselves. It’s a great life lesson, and most kids like contributing.
  • The teachers can clean clutter left behind at the end of the day.
  • Janitors should only have to come in wipe down, sweep and take out the trash.