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2021 at Cleansolution: How we evolved our cleaning services to better serve you

It’s been a challenge, but there’s so much we’re thankful for.

Remember that huge sense of relief when the calendar page flipped over to January 2021?  After the grief, anxiety and uncertainty of 2020, making it to New Years Day felt like a chance to start over, with hope and anticipation for something closer to “normal.” 

We’re so grateful for your support

As we held our breath and crossed our fingers for 2021, we knew we had so much to be grateful for! So many of you generously continued your commercial cleaning contracts in Portland and NOVA—even when your buildings sat unoccupied during the worst of the pandemic. We can’t thank you enough for your loyal support. We know that many of you had to make difficult decisions about what to continue and what to let go last year and we’re humbled by your trust in us as your commercial cleaning company. 

We were determined to pay every bit of your generosity forward. Our core team here at Cleansolution hustled to find more work and new opportunities for our Cleansolution Collective partners during the initial shut-down. We know without the Collective, we’d never be able to serve as many customers as we do. They are an absolutely critical part of our success as a company and we couldn’t be more impressed by their grit and flexibility as we all navigated difficult times. 

New challenges & opportunities

By early 2021, there were signs that reopening was a safe and realistic option for many businesses and we hit the ground running. As frontline workers, the commercial cleaning industry led the way in ensuring safe, clean spaces for businesses to return to. After countless hours spent researching Covid-19 and adapting our cleaning protocols, we were ready to meet the challenge. Staying ahead of Covid required a huge learning curve and plenty of flexibility as information about the virus shifted and changed rapidly. 

There was A LOT of work to do and we knew that Cleansolution was going to need to evolve and innovate in order to meet the new and complex set of commercial cleaning needs in Portland and NOVA. 

Changes we made in 2021 to better serve our clients 

  • We continued to onboard clients with the Streem video chat platform for Covid-safe, virtual consultations, quality assurance, accurate estimates and more. Click here to learn how Streem can keep you connected! 

We’re looking forward to serving your business in 2022 

All in all, 2021 has still had its fair share of challenges, but we’re overwhelmed with gratitude for our team, our customers and our community. Thanks for valuing us as your commercial cleaning partner—we’re excited to continue serving you in 2022!  

Happy Holidays from The Cleansolution Team!