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Why Trust Green Seal logo for green cleaning

When looking for green cleaning products, how do you know which ones are really green and which are just marketing hype? Well there are several third party organizations that test and give approval to products that pass the green test. One such organizations is Green Seal.

Green Seal was founded by Rena Shulsky David in 1989 after recognizing the need of consumers looking for green products, as there was no environmental certification program in the US at the time. Since then, the reputation of Green Seal as a leader and trusted symbol of proven-green products has only grown.

A  product attains green certification through rigorous performance, health, and environmental  criteria. Achieving this certifications helps producers of green products prove that yes indeed their products are green, safe for human health and the environment.  Once certified products and services are monitored regularly to ensure compliance.

The Green Seal’s standards meet the requirements for credible eco labels by the following organizations:

  • Consumers Union
  • US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • Federal Trade Commission

Furthermore, their procedures have been reviewed and meet ISO 14020 standards and American National Standards Institute (ANSI)

Green seal standards and the products that meet the Green Seal are published on their website. There is a nice user friendly search webpage to search for green products by type, or store. You can even search for other green services.

You can find Green Seal certified goods at retail stores like Office Depot, Staples,  Whole Foods, and Lowe’s home improvement stores. However most of the products are for institutional or industrial use, not retail. Contact the manufacturer to find out if you can purchase directly or what store they are sold.

Be the change

If you cannot find Green Seal certified products at a store, ask the store manager to stock them for you.  Consumer demand can change the economy to a green healthy economy.

Many businesses, including Cleansolution use this website to purchase certified green products.  We do the research so you do not have to. So you can be assured we only use green products that are better for your health and the health of the environment.

Some of the green cleaning products we use that are Green Seal’ed are:

  • General cleaners
  • window cleaners
  • floor cleaners
  • hand soap
  • paper towels/toilet paper

Begin your search for eco friendly products on this link: