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Why use Hydrogen peroxide cleaners in your office or building

You’ve probably used it before for scrapes and other medical uses, but hydrogen peroxide is also a natural wonder cleaner. It is just water with an extra molecule of oxygen! It is considered the world’s safest all natural sanitizer, and is even able to kill organisms through oxidation (a process described as controlled burning). When it reacts with organic material it breaking the material down into oxygen and water too.

It is effective, very low-cost, and you can use it anywhere! A 3% hydrogen peroxide solution only costs about a $1. An added bonus is that Hydrogen eroxide is also a totally green cleaner.

Hydrogen peroxide is odorless, and contains no pollutants at all. Did you know that indoor air quality is 10x to 100x compared to outdoor quality. One of the culprits is conventional chemical cleaners emitting toxic fumes. It leaves no smell so you have to get used to no pine or lemon smell.

In an office building, using hydrogen peroxide can help with the overall health of employees. Used properly, it can be a first line defense against toxins, parasites, bacteria, viruses and yeast.

Office janitors spray hydrogen peroxide to kill germs easily, using as little as 3% mixed with water they can clean your workplace counters and table tops. It can clean glass and mirrors and even leaves no smearing.

Another great use is in restrooms, working great to clean and sanitize. The 3% solution can be mixed with 50/50 water mixture and then sprayed on sinks and toilet areas. Wiped with a clean rag to leave germ free surfaces, without harsh chemical residues. An added benefit is that odors are eliminated.

Other handy uses:

  • As a carpet cleaner on stains.
  • Spray in showers to kill bacteria and viruses. Remove mildew and soap scum.
  • Can remove mold from tile and grout.
  • Can be used as a toilet cleaner
  • A natural alternative to bleach so it can clean fabric too.
  • It does an amazing job on mirrors and glass. It cleans without leaving any streaks.
  • It can clean vinyl floors.

As you can see, Hydrogen Peroxide is really a wonder cleaner. It is truly multipurpose, cheap and best of all green. Be sure your cleaning provider uses it in your office. And use it in your home for these benefits too!