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COVID-19 Deep Cleaning Services

The “Coronavirus Sanitizing System” – enhancing response plans

Sanitizing and Deep Cleaning Services are more than a consideration, they have become a critical necessity. It’s no time to be using general cleaning techniques. The COVID-19 outbreak has changed how customers & employees perceive cleaning. With the rapid spread of coronavirus, companies are legally mandated to focus on employee safety. Fight the good fight by implementing proactive measures.

Our specialized “Coronavirus Sanitizing System” has four core components. For the most comprehensive plan choose all four components or choose component(s) that fit your budget.

Let us improve your COVID-19 Response Plan. Contact us for customized solutions.

High Touch Cleaning

Daily cleaning of high touch areas

Electrostatic Services

Spray every surface in a building with disinfectant

Deep Cleans

Bathrooms, Carpets, Floors, Walls, Pressure washing

Proper Supplies

Hand sanitizer, Soap, Gloves, Paper Towels, Disinfectants

The High-Touch Cleaning- Daily Component

The CDC encourages frequent cleaning of all those high-touch surfaces found in offices, retail spaces, medical clinics, schools etc. and to use more aggressive disinfection techniques. Outsource extra cleaning services to tackle all those high touch point areas while employees and customers are still at work. The services continue throughout the day on all those dangerous high-touch areas. Employers can minimize employees’ risk of infection as well as their own legal risks by doing all they can to minimize life-threatening infectious diseases entering the workplace.

Employees are always reassured when they see employers concerned about their welfare and taking steps in the right direction. This component broadcasts the most effort to your employees and customers and is the most effective in fighting the invisible enemy.

The Electrostatic Sprayer Component

Portland businesses are making use of our enhanced disinfection methods and products with the use of electrostatic sprayer technologies. They want to disinfect their offices and commercial buildings quickly and effectively against life-threatening pathogens. When facilities are closed, our electrostatic sprayers are available to spray hospital grade disinfectants on all exposed surfaces. We can spray disinfectants inside of buildings form the ceiling-to-floor and everything-in-between.

The Deep Clean Component

This is a great time to get caught up on the deep cleaning your facility needs. Carpet cleaning, floor scrubbing, and bathroom deep cleans are on top of the list. This type of cleaning reflects the cleanliness standards of a facility. It also is mechanically removing COVID-19 and unwanted pathogens.

With the rapid spread of coronavirus, companies need to be focusing on employee safety. Employees are protected under the Occupational Safety and Health Act, and in some instances, employers can face penalties if employees become infected at work. The level of cleanliness your workplace represents is very important.

The Supply Component

Make sure to have the proper consumable products designed to minimize the spread of virus and germs. We source hand sanitizer, soaps, disinfectant sprays, hand towels, trash bags, dispensers that have cross contamination in mind. Contact us for more details. Please note these supplies are limited during pandemics.

Never has the need for sanitizing the workplace been so great. Our comprehensive “Coronavirus Sanitizing System” is just a call away.

Let’s “fight the good fight” against COVID-19. Call now.

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