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Dilution Control Systems Save money while being GREEN

dilution control dispenser system

Dilution Control Systems can help you save money.  Liquid cleaners are bought in bulk and diluted with water when needed. They have less bulk storage and packaging initially helping all of us be greener.

The benefits:

  • Saves you money
  • Reduces chemical over use
  • Use less chemicals

The dilution system is designed to mix the concentrated cleaner with water without manual measurement very quickly.  Cleaning staff will not over use our concentrated green cleaning liquids. Thus we, the cleaning company,   will not overspend. We actually use less cleaner saving you money.

The systems used are very easy to use for  our staff. It allows for liquid cleaners to be made with the addition of water. The resulting green chemicals are precise and accurate. The system is safe and maintenance free. It allows for  keeping costs low and this offers clients value as there is not chemical overuse. Since the dilution system is precise it conserves water and chemicals.

Chemicals formulas are made at filling stations with just water. Just connect a hose to concentrated filling stations  and our small hand held liquid bottles are filled as needed. There does not have to be a lot of storage for it too.

Cleaning crews will get accurate dilutions every time across all flow rates.  Inaccuracy of dilution can lead to non compliance of government regulations, inaccurate chemical potency, can damage surfaces, or can lead to safety problems or environmental hazard.

The dilution system is safe as it is spill safe and tamper resistant for crews and anyone else around. It is maintenance free.  It requires no equipment costs for and gives no breakdowns; giving reliability and productivity.

Plus concentrated liquid bottles are made of recycled plastic and go to the recycling bin when done keeping the whole product cycle green.

There are separate chemicals for each task.  Hydrox for Windows.  Floor cleaner for mop buckets,  a carpet cleaner, and an everyday multipurpose cleaner.

This dilution cleaning system is cost effective, easy to use, and ready to dispense rapidly