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How Commercial Cleaning Prevents the Flu and Other Pandemics

Getting a flu shot has become the biggest hype of the winter season. With twenty percent of Americans getting the flu each year, prevention becomes essential. For some, the flu is life threatening and the dangerous strain that is perilous is the one to avoid. But washing hands and covering one’s mouth when they cough is not enough. They hype is meant to thwart a pandemic. A pandemic would occur when millions are infected at one time. While it is impossible to stop the flu, reducing the risk would help. In 2009, the flu virus reached epidemic states and cost families across the country greatly.

The flu bug is spread from saliva from sneezing and coughing of an infected person. If someone coughs and expels saliva onto a surface, like a door knob, the next person to touch it can become infected. By simply cleaning the surface with some disinfectant, it can stop the spreading of the germs.

Tested in many areas, regular cleaning services can keep the germs at bay. Creating a healthy workplace is the start to flu prevention and to do that one must clean up all surfaces that are commonly touched. Some companies have tried having their janitorial service do extra cleaning measures during flu and cold season. The results were stunning. By ridding the surface germs, the environment was less harmful. The employees didn’t get sick like they did before. Companies are also encouraging the flu vaccine. When employees are continually passing around the flu, it causes loss time and productivity takes a hit.

The Solution

Having a commercial cleaning company help out can ensure the environment is sanitary, this goes a long way. One place where germs are often in abundance is in the bathrooms. Bathrooms are a breeding ground for bacteria. Many people don’t wash their hands either. Making hand washing mandatory and placing not only soap but hand sanitizer to use can be helpful. Making sure there are paper-towels and supplies is essential. Flu prevention may start with a janitorial service to clean up the germs, but it really has to be a developed pattern of prevention around the job site. No one wants to get sick, especially if it means losing days of work and pay. A healthy workplace is something that everyone has to work equally together to obtain. There will still be outside influences, like children and stores, but the fact is that together the workplace can be less risky.

Companies who don’t have a commercial cleaning service should consider the benefits. Employees who clean don’t have the tools or the time to put into flu prevention. Last year there were $7 billion dollars paid out by American employers for sick days due to the flu. That accounted for $87 billion dollars lost in productivity. By using preventative measures, getting the employees on board with the plan, and implementing small things that can make a big impact, the flu virus’s impact can be lessened this year. While prevention will not stop the virus all together, it can certainly lessen the impact it