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Benefits of Day Cleaning

Day cleaning can have many benefits including:

  • Creates efficiency that saves you money
  • The cleaning crew perform the job better during the day
  • Customers notice the cleaning staff, creating awareness and respect for the cleaning process
  • Improved communication between customers and cleaning staff
  • More secure, cleaning will happen during business hours

It can’t be stressed enough that daytime cleaning creates mutual respect between customers and cleaners. People see the cleaning staff actually cleaning and are less likely to trash the place. It builds trust as the client sees what is actually being cleaned. With night time cleaning one does not know what the cleaning staff does.

The cleaning crew in turns feels more of responsibility for the customers because they see who they are on a daily basis. They can also take small requests in person. For example to dust a specific place or vacuum a certain spot.

Moving to daytime cleaning can be tricky. The client has to be eased into it and be told the positive benefits. The scheduling of cleaning has to be done in way that does not get in the way of building workers. Cleaning staff will arrive early in the morning before normal business hours.

Giving the client a number to call for any issue that arises. Custodial supervisors must be very communicative as issues surface and it is very easy to do as both cleaning staff and client are right there in the same building, unlike at night time.

Energy costs will be reduced as the whole building does not have to be heated or cooled or lit up. With day cleaning the whole facility can be shut down for the night. You can save up to 10 percent on energy costs.

It is important to check that the building powers down at night. Some building are modern enough to do this, but there are buildings that operate 24/7 and may not find any savings.

Daytime cleaning is already popular in:

  • Europe and some Asian countries like Japan and South Korea
  • The hotel and hospitality industry
  • The healthcare industry as the patients need to sleep at night
  • Schools

Even though day cleaning has not been popular in the United States,  it has been becoming more acceptable. It is predicted that in 10 years day cleaning will be more common than traditional night time cleaning due to cost savings.

Contact Cleansolution to see how day cleaning can help with cost savings.