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How Commercial Cleaning Prevents the Flu and Other Pandemics

Getting a flu shot has become the biggest hype of the winter season. With twenty percent of Americans getting the flu each year, prevention becomes essential. For some, the flu is life threatening and the dangerous strain that is perilous is the one to avoid. But washing hands and covering one’s mouth when they cough […]
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Why Shouldn’t You Clean With Bleach?

Cleaning methods are often learned from the generation that came before. Learning how to clean by watching or helping a parent is the most common way people pick up cleaning habits. A tried and true cleaner used for decades is the ever-present bottle of bleach housed under the sink. Until recently, this cleaner was the […]
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Beating Bacteria by Cleaning with Microfiber

Advances in technology in commercial green cleaning janitorial services have created cleaning products and tools that are beneficial to the environment, help prevent the spread of germs and infection, and are more efficient and economical to use. One such advance is the in the production of microfiber products, especially those used in commercial and office […]
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How Does Green Cleaning Help Your Office

Green cleaning means using environmentally responsible practices and products when cleaning an office or business space. A cleaning service following green techniques avoids using traditional products that contain toxic chemicals. They use non-toxic products instead. These eco-friendly products are no less effective than the traditional chemicals that were commonly used for cleaning in the past. […]
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Save Money, Choose a Green Cleaning Company

When companies are looking to help save the environment while being as financially responsible as possible, they will likely want to begin by choosing a reputable janitorial green cleaning company. Cleaning agencies that are dedicated to using green products, in fact, will usually not cost more. With the environmental movement taking center stage these days, […]
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5 Reasons Why It’s Important to Hire a Janitorial Company for Your Medical Office’s Cleanings

Keeping your Portland medical office clean can be a challenge; not only are you and your employees probably very busy, but you also probably see a lot of foot traffic in and around your building on a daily basis. Just because it isn’t easy to clean your office doesn’t mean that having it spotless isn’t […]
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How Cleaning Inspection Software Shows Your Professional Cleaning Service is Delivering on their Promise

How do you know your building is clean? How do you know the services in your contract are being delivered? How do you know if you’re getting good value for the price you are paying? CleanSolution Services uses the latest technology to keep you up to date in real time with a software app called […]
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How do you know if your janitorial service is green?

You know that the cleaning practices used in your building have an impact on your health and building environment, assessing whether your cleaning contractor is using green methods. But how do you know if your cleaning company is green and using progressive cleaning practices? Are there any standards? The answer is yes! The U.S. Green […]
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