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Category: Maintenance & Cleaning Supplies

Why Shouldn’t You Clean With Bleach?

Cleaning methods are often learned from the generation that came before. Learning how to clean by watching or helping a parent is the most common way people pick up cleaning habits. A tried and true cleaner used for decades is the ever-present bottle of bleach housed under the sink. Until recently, this cleaner was the […]
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Beating Bacteria by Cleaning with Microfiber

Advances in technology in commercial green cleaning janitorial services have created cleaning products and tools that are beneficial to the environment, help prevent the spread of germs and infection, and are more efficient and economical to use. One such advance is the in the production of microfiber products, especially those used in commercial and office […]
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Dilution Control Systems Save money while being GREEN

Dilution Control Systems can help you save money.  Liquid cleaners are bought in bulk and diluted with water when needed. They have less bulk storage and packaging initially helping all of us be greener. The benefits: Saves you money Reduces chemical over use Use less chemicals The dilution system is designed to mix the concentrated […]
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Backpack Vacs get the job done better and faster

Cleansolution uses the best cleaning equipment to get the job done efficiently and well. Vacuums are a major part of our cleaning regiment as many of our clients have carpeting at their office site. We clean as many times as required, depending on how much foot traffic there is. Our vacuums are ergonomically designed for […]
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How Microfiber Cloth Saves You Money While Protecting Your Health

Cleansolution uses microfiber as much as possible for the following benefits: Microfiber is more efficient The can be reused and reduce paper consumption Microfiter color coded cloths maintain a healthy workplace Microfibers are more efficient as they enable us to perform routine cleaning faster, meaning reduced costs to you, the customer. They can clean with […]

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CleanSolution Services only uses certified GREEN Cleaning Supplies for your office or facility

With Cleansolution Services(CSS) you have a company that only uses janitorial supplies that are green. You don’t have to worry if these supplies meet the proper green certifications.   For example our paper supplies like paper towels and toilet paper are approved by third party  nonprofit organizations and In some cases it is a […]

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